We are proud to announce a new bassist for ANTHRIEL. Let us introduce to you, Mr. Antti Horttana!!! Antti is freelancer musician and multitalent known from his various music projects.

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We are working hard on finishing the band's new album, the successor of critically acclaimed »The Pathway«. We were forced to take a long break from the recording due to the demolition of our long-standing rehearsal studio by the city of Tampere. Now, months after we are settled in Deerhouse studio that offers environment for us to start over where we left off. Furthermore the band parted ways with drummer Jari and we are proud to introduce you to an old friend but a new member of Anthriel, Henrikki "Hercules" Markkula!!! His drum tracks were recorded last week for the upcoming album at Deerhouse-studio and SOON we will give you a little video clip to see "Hercules" in action. Stay tuned!!! Read more >>>

Studio update! 23.02.2013

Studio update!

Happened so far... In the Studio... So far, far away...

Naturally, first we started recording drum tracks with Jari. Unfortunately on that very same week that we were supposed to begin, Jari got a job-offer from another city.

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Tuhdimmat Tahdit - Heavy Metal Festival 2012! 03.04.2012

New festival gig confirmed at Tuhdimmat Tahdit - Heavy Metal Festival 2012! Read more >>>

The Pathway - on Spotify 01.03.2012

"The Pathway" - debyt album is available on Spotify. Read more >>>


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